Nerf target range

We have crafted an exhilarating Target Range using Nerf Guns, Targets and a Scoring System to bring you the Ultimate race against the clock for the high score! 

Since our range has already proven extremely popular, we are moving to the next stage which will include new guns, new targets (including Helicopters, Tanks and Aliens) and more heart racing action. Beat the clock and achieve a high score of 1000 to get you and your group a free laser tag game!



We have a large setup of Nerf Guns that can be used for the target range including Nerf Elite, Rivals (12+) and more.

You may bring in your own Nerf Gun. Bullets for sale as well.



Our integrated automatic scoring system is designed to give you an accurate score every time a target is hit. Once the target is hit, a red led light will flash and you must wait until the led goes back to green before engaging. Can you beat the high score?



We have designed the range for single player and multiplayer usage. From 1-8 players are welcome in the range at one time.