Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I just walk in and play?
Yes, come with friends or on your own. We’ll get you playing as quickly as we can.

Q. What is the minimum age required to play?
5 is the minimum age required to play laser tag.

Q. What is the minimum group size required to reserve a party?
10 players is the minimum you must pay for.

Q. Can I have a party with less than 10 players?
Yes, if you have less than 10 players and want to have a party in one of our party rooms you would just have to pay for 10 players. If you don’t need the party room you can use our lounge area and come in with less than 10 players. With less than 10 players and no party room you would only be required to purchase any of our regular priced game packs.

Q. Can I reserve a party for 10+ players without the party room?
Yes, just pick one of our game packs and call 905-606-2227 to make your reservation or come into our location.

Q. I have some players that are under the age 5 and others over 5. Can I reserve a party?
The minimum age requirement for laser tag is 5 years old.

Q. Can I bring my own food?
Yes, bring your own cake, cutlery and food. Want a pizza? Order from our local supplier and get a great rate. Outside food is permitted for reserved groups only.

Q. I need to cancel my party or reschedule.
Unfortunately all party bookings are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule we require 14 days’ notice and you may reschedule ahead or back 7 days from your original reservation.

Q. How much of a deposit do I need to pay to reserve?
You must pay for half the number of players you are reserving. The balance is due on the day of your party. You are responsible to pay for at least 10 players. If you have more on the day of, you would just pay for those visitors then.

Q. When do I need to arrive?
It’s best to arrive about 5 minutes before your reserved time. Encourage your friends not to be late.

Q. During a party, when do we play our games and eat food or cake?
If you have 2 games with your package, the first will be shortly after you arrive and the second game about 20 minutes before your visit with us ends. You should eat and serve pizza between these two games.